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Sponsors and partners of Health and Fitness ICU provide resources that are invaluable. Referrals are the greatest compliments so we ask that you patronize them and refer your friends and loved ones to them.

Together, we will make a difference!

Women's Business Directory
Are you a woman business owner looking for greater visibility of your business? Or are you trying to locate a woman owned business? Join the Women's Business Directory for free .The Women's Business Directory provides a unique venue for connecting woman owned businesses with corporate clients, community and government organizations, and retail customers. This comprehensive online business directory lists woman owned businesses in all industries throughout the state, creating an opportunity for increased business activity in Michigan.

Abundant Health LLC
Helping you maintain, improve and/or restore your health. We help you reverse 8 of the 10 biomarkers of aging including; 1) A decrease in body fat (get leaner!); 2) An increase in lean muscle tissue (get stronger!); 3) A decrease in cholesterol; 4) A normalization of blood pressure; 5) An increase in aerobic capacity (work out longer and harder!); 6) An increase in blood glucose tolerance (the root of Type II Diabetes); 7) An increase in glutathione (your body’s natural anti-oxidant) and; 8) An increase in bone density. God has designed your body to heal, repair and correct itself from diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many other chronic, degenerative ailments. Let us show you how you can accomplish this with a simple daily regimen. Our goal is for you to experience Abundant Wellness!!

Local Health and Fitness Television Program
Access Health & Fitness with Reene' Jackson is just what the doctor ordered. This entertaining and informative television program shows viewers how to put fun and versatility into fitness.

That's Whats Up!
Your official Backstage Pass. From concerts to family fun, it's all here and you should be too. Advertise your next event through WZUP advertisement and you'll be glad you did. Mention Health and Fitness ICU and receive a free basic listing on the WZUP411 web-site. (Limited Time Offer)

"Lowest cost full color printing in the nation" Detroit is your source for quality printing and graphic design work at the best price. From business cards to magazine advertisement, can help you get your business noticed. Call (313) 963-9611 for a marketing consultation today!

Order Free Business Cards!
Design you own brochure and get 25% off then order Free business cards to match. At It's a snap!

Earth friendly household and skin care products. Alternatives to the spray and run syndrome you are faced with when you are cleaning at home or in your office. Purchase in the Wellness Resource Center or online to benefit the operations of Health and Fitness ICU.

Warm Spirit
Nurturing, pampering and empowering. Nature-based holistic products to uplift your mind body and spirit. Featuring the Essentials, Pleasures and Remedies lines.

Usana Health Sciences
Health care at the cellular level. Vitamin and mineral supplements that actually rebuild damaged cells in your body.