About prolonged use of COCs

I have long wanted to tell you, dear readers, that combined oral contraceptives and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/boxagrippal can be taken in a prolonged mode.

What do we know about taking COCs?
We know that there are reception schemes for 21 days and 7 days off or 24 days for taking and 4 days off. This dosage regimen is similar to the natural menstrual cycle.
But … Taking COCs and the menstrual cycle are two big differences)
By taking COCs, we maintain a certain hormonal level, as soon as we cancel active pills, withdrawal bleeding begins.

What is a “Prolonged Mode”?
You can take according to the scheme 42 + 7, 63 + 7, 84 + 7, 126 + 7. You can not adhere to the schemes and take until the spotting begins.
For example, you chose the 63 + 7 scheme, but the spotting started on the 50th tablet. Then you can take the usual break and continue.

Is it necessary to take a break for 7 days?
No, you can take a break for 4 days.
Now even more adhere to the correctness of the 4-day break

And what is the plus of these reception schemes and https://pillintrip.com/de/medicine/diprospan?
Long-term opportunity to exist without menstrual bleeding, play sports, not pay attention to what you are wearing, and not spend monthly money on pads and tampons (not everyone uses menstrual cups).
And for the environment, such a reception scheme is more beneficial.
Also, there are a number of diseases in which such a COC regimen has additional positive effects: endometriosis, painful periods (dysmenorrhea), estrogen-dependent (menstrual) migraine.

Can you just take pills like that?
No, you can also take / apply other forms of COC.
For example, do not take a break while using patches.
Those. change them every 7 days, but continue until the chosen scheme or spotting and then take a break and continue further.
Or change the vaginal ring to another after 21 days.

It is safe?
The safety is the same, both when taken in the usual mode and with a prolonged regimen. Reception according to the 21 + 7 or 24 + 7 scheme is rather a psychological component, a woman is used to menstruating every month and this scheme mimics the natural cycle.

Where did you read that?
I knew about this option for taking COCs for a long time.
Domestic medical journals have repeatedly written about such admission regimens.
In my practice, I also use these schemes and talk at the time of contraception consultations.
But recently I came across an interesting article “The 7-day contraceptive hormone-free interval should be consigned to history” literal translation “7-day break of hormone contraception should go down in history. In this review of scientific publications from 1955 to 2017 on PubMed and Medline, the authors draw the following conclusions:
Options for assigning continuous / extended KOC schemes

Option 1. Permanent flexible (or individual) mode
The continuous flexible mode includes continuous daily pill intake with a user-selectable 3–4 day break to continue pill intake. Preparations containing 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol are preferred.

Option 2. “Tricycle”
This is an option with a fixed duration of the pill.
The usual version is 84/4 for women who prefer quarterly withdrawal bleeding, but since COCs are usually available in packs of three cycles in the UK, 63/4 is a satisfactory option.
Preparations containing 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol are preferred. Break of 4 days

Option 3. For women who prefer monthly bleeding.
Women who prefer monthly bleeding can still take COCs on a 21 or 24 day schedule, with an interval of 4 days.