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Fasting Blood Sugar

Regular blood sugar testing at home, as Dr. Slinkin says, is what people with diabetes should do. Also known as blood glucose, blood sugar refers to sugar that is transported through the bloodstream, which supplies energy to all cells in the body. The food we eat is the sugar in our body. Using the blood sugar table, diabetes patients can perform a blood sugar test. The amount of blood glucose is what the blood sugar test measures. Usually carbohydrate food is the glucose in our blood. The main energy source used by the body is glucose. Your body cells use glucose with a hormone called insulin. When the amount of glucose in your blood rises, insulin produces in your pancreas and then releases it into your blood.

How well you control blood sugar levels

FBS Denis Slinkin

How well you control blood sugar levels FBS depends on the success of diabetes treatment. If you have recently passed a blood sugar test, use a blood sugar card to control your blood sugar level. Over time, you will understand how your blood sugar level changes and how you can control your condition. Depending on the type of test, the description of the sugar values in mg/dL is what the chart gives.The three categories, according to Denis, mentioned in the chart are normal, early diabetes and diabetes mellitus established, while the types of tests include glucose tolerance, post-prandial, random blood and on-the-fly sugar. Finally, the ranges on the graph include the minimum value, the maximum value, and the value two hours after glucose intake. Now let’s look at the blood sugar test and the blood sugar graph in detail.

Before discussing the blood sugar test FBS and the blood sugar chart, it is important to first understand the blood sugar level. Glucose, which serves as energy for both plants and animals, is a form of sugar. Normal levels are maintained by the hormone that is produced by the pancreas. This hormone is known as insulin. Health complications such as kidney disease, heart disease and blindness can lead to high or uncontrolled sugar levels. In addition, hyperglycemia occurs when blood glucose concentrations increase. The best way to control blood glucose and blood sugar levels is to use a blood sugar diagram and test. By using the diagram and test, you can avoid many health complications.

A blood sugar test shows a person’s blood sugar level. Somewhere between 72 mg/dL and 108 mg/dL is a normal blood glucose level in a healthy person. However, normal blood glucose levels depend on the person. Normally, about 72 mg/dL is a person’s blood sugar level FBS. However, blood sugar levels can temporarily rise to 140 mg/dL after eating: this is the normal range. How well your exercise, nutrition planning and medication program works (if necessary) to maintain a normal range is something that will help you determine your blood sugar test. The closer you keep your blood sugar level normal, the better your chances of avoiding complications such as nervous disease, blindness and kidney disease.