Humalog kwikpen

QuickPen Humalog 100 IU/ml, 3 ml.

Each time you receive a new pack of QuickPen syringes, you must read the instructions for use again as they may contain updated information. The information contained in the instruction manual does not replace discussions with your physician about the disease and the patient’s treatment.

The QuickPen Humalog kwikpen syringe is a single-use, pre-filled syringe pen containing 300 insulin units. With a single syringe pen, the patient can inject multiple doses of insulin. With this syringe pen, you can inject a dose with an accuracy of 1 unit. You can Dmitry Sazonov inject between 1 and 60 units per injection.

If the dose exceeds 60 units, more than one injection is required. With each injection, the piston only advances slightly and the patient may not notice the change in position. The piston will only reach the bottom of the cartridge when the patient has used up all 300 units contained in the syringe pen.

The pen syringe cannot be passed Humalog kwikpen overdose on to others, even if a new needle is used. Do not reuse the needles. Do not transfer needles to other people – an infection may be transmitted with a needle, which may lead to infection.

It is not recommended to use in patients with visual impairment or total loss of vision without the help of people with good vision Dmitry Sazonov who are trained to use a pen syringe properly.

The QuickPen Humalog kwikpen dosage syringe has a blue body color, a burgundy injection button and a white, burgundy colored stripe label.

The injection requires a QuickPen syringe with insulin, a needle compatible with the QuickPen syringe (Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) pen needles and an alcohol-soaked swab are recommended.

Preparing for insulin injection

Humalog kwikpen
  • to wash your hands with soap;
  • check the syringe pen to make sure it contains the right kind of insulin. This is especially important if the patient uses more than 1 type of insulin;
  • do not use an expired syringe pen, which is indicated on the label;
  • always use a new needle every time you inject to prevent infection and avoid blockage of the needles.

Step 1: Remove the cap of the pen syringe (do not remove the label of the pen syringe) and wipe the rubber disc with an alcohol-soaked swab.

Stage 2: Check insulin appearance. Humalog® should be transparent and colorless. Do not use if it is turbid, colorful, or has particles or clots.

Step 3: Take a new needle. Remove the paper sticker from the outer cap of the needle.

Step 4: Place the cap with the needle directly on the pen and turn the needle with the cap until it locks firmly into place.

Remove the outer cap of the needle, but do not throw it away. Remove the inner needle cap and throw it away.